The grounding breaking ‘Correcting Complex’ will rapidly resurface the skin,

As the high strength Retinol increases the cellular turnover, it also expertly reduces inflammation and decreases excess oil production
– key functions in keeping pores clear and blemish free.

Working in harmony with the Retinol in the advanced ‘Correcting Complex’, is the ‘radical active ATP’ which increases the metabolism of the individual skin cells.

As the cells have more natural energy they become healthier, rejuvenating the skin’s base and revitalizing the complexion.

Active acne breakouts will be reduced within the first week of usage and spots marks will start to rapidly fade.

Long term scarring will diminish over twelve weeks (one full skin cycle).

For swift results apply the ‘Correcting Complex’ on the effected area morning and night from day one. If irritation occurs reduce to one application at night.

To soothe the skin If it becomes dry and to encourage a glowing complexion, apply a fine layer the ‘Definitive Night & Day Cream’ at night after the ‘Correcting Complex’ has been fully absorbed.

Expect visible of blemish free, revitalised skin results within the first month.